About ADC


Within ADC, we highly value our people. We realize that everyone is different and each and every one of them is very strong in their own field of expertise. We have experts in the field of procurement, operations, change management and financial management. This broad range of knowledge means that ADC understands the customer well and can always offer a solution by deploying the right people.


CEOs and CFOs are leaders who want to improve results of their company, but are unable to see every opportunity in their organization, opportunities because of daily hassles. We help them by providing valuable insights and by embracing, as well as realizing opportunities.



It is our mission to (re)structure organizations in such a way that they become more efficient and effective in their specific environment.

Alfa Delta Compendium

Alfa Delta was founded in 1998 as a deployment agency for financial professionals. In 2004 we acquired Compendium, the largest Dutch procurement consultancy, and became ADC. In order to expand our operational excellence practice, we acquired Principal in 2008, which was active in the field of operations. We have a proven track record of our strength in the realization of cost savings in procurement, the optimization of processes and the realization of efficiencies.

At ADC we ought figures to be very important, but it is more about the human capital. The people who earn their living and are proud of their work: they are the ones realizing results. We also value our own people to a high extent. While we do not ask little of them, they are given the space to be creative and excel.




Acquisition Compendium


Acquisition Principal



People at ADC have something to say. Straightforward and a bit idiosyncratic, we hold up a mirror to our clients showing: this way it can be done differently, more effectively, more decisively. We are team players. Together we use all the expertise we have to improve the performance of your company.