Process optimization

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Process optimization / reducing lead time

Does it feel like the processes in your organization could be more efficient, but do you find it difficult to make this hunch more tangible? Or, do you simply lack time to thoroughly do so? Fortunately, we have years of experience in optimizing processes.

Using our own developed methodology based on, among others, Lean Six Sigma and Scrum, we are able to find bottlenecks in a short period of time and realize profitable changes. An optimization process starts by mapping out the current situation and identifying bottlenecks. Afterwards, it is decided collaboratively what the strategy for improvement should be.

When it comes to implementation, we believe it is very important to pay attention to the figures, but especially to the people behind them. This is why changes are always implemented in cooperation with the organization. In addition, our projects always have sufficient attention in its last phase, in order to secure new standards and warrant optimizations are solid as a rock.

SpendLab PI employs various certified Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt consultants.

Successful lead time reduction cases

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